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Patience is a Virtue

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How many times have you heard that patience is a virtue? Probably many times, especially if you aren’t a patient person.

I’m commonly referred to as the most impatient person my family knows; I’ve always wanted to be married at a young age, I wanted my school permit the day I turned 14, my drivers license when I turned 16, I graduated college early, had my first full-time job lined up way before I even graduated college, and yes, I’m getting married at a young age.

Now, as I’m three weeks away from getting married, I can’t wait to buy a farm/house with my husband-to-be, and start our own family someday. 

That is, until Thursday.

My best friend lost her dad in a tragic farm accident. Two-and-a-half months ago, my other best friend lost her mom to cancer. Three months ago, we lost our landlord to cancer. 

It all hit me like a brick wall. Why does this have to happen to the people I love? Why couldn’t they just have one more day, one more month or even year? 

I’ve been busy with work and wedding planning the past few months, so I’ve been able to push everything out of my mind, but now that work is slowing down, and most everything is done for the wedding, all I’ve had is time to think. Sometimes that’s the most dangerous thing to have.

I’ve just been overwhelmed with sadness.

But then I began to think about patience, or lack there-of in our world today. How we are always in a hurry to get from one event to the next, in a rush to get through the grocery store line, can hardly wait for the stoplight to turn from red to green, and how we absolutely hate getting stuck behind farm equipment.

Yes, you all know what I’m talking about. 

Iowa and the surrounding states are blessed to have an agriculture rich economy, there are more pigs than people in Iowa, and there are more cattle than people in Iowa. The agriculture industry in Iowa brings in $112.2 billion a year, and also creates 1 in 5 jobs in Iowa. 

I find myself utterly blessed to live in the wonderful state of Iowa, I love farm life, I love helping on the farm, I love my patient fiance, and he loves me and even one of my biggest faults, my impatience.

Getting stuck behind a tractor in Iowa is inevitable.  

It’s going to happen. Think because you live in town you won’t get stuck behind one? Think again. There are many farmers that have to drive through towns to get to their other fields. 

Farmers have such a dangerous job, AND they feed the world. How amazing is that? They work every day of every week of every month, of every. single. year. There are no days off; the cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, all need fed every single day.

I’ve been all over the place with this blog post, because there isn’t an easy to convey how much I love my farmer. I hope to never get a phone call that takes me to visit him in the hospital. I hope your family doesn’t get that phone call either. 

I’d like to ask a favor of everyone. 

Please slow down. Leave 5 minutes earlier, hug your loved ones tighter not just tonight, but every single night. Can’t remember what you talked about in your last conversation with your parents, grandparents, or kids? Call them. Tell them you love them and make it a weekly phone call. 

And lastly, slow down for that farmer in the tractor. Because he too has loved ones that want him to come home tonight. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to our upcoming nuptials, getting a farm bought, and starting our family. But my impatience for these things doesn’t need to control my life.

There are always going to be times where we are impatient. It is inevitable. But just think about how blessed you are to be here on earth. We all have a purpose, and we should spend our time enjoying our life purpose, rather than rushing through each step of life. 

And Finally,

Please pray for those who are struggling with loss. It’s never the right time for a loved one to pass away, but know that God has a plan, and he will lead you through your dark times. Patience is a virtue.

Rest in peace Tom Wall, Laura Buck, and Delbert McEnaney. May our memories of you last forever, and know that God’s plan will prevail.

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A farmer's wife in southwest Iowa. I love to cook, eat, craft, and sometimes clean. We try to live a simple life on the farm, and enjoy everyday that we are blessed to live.

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