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Freezing Sweet Corn: Great Family Bonding Activity!

Freezing Sweet Corn

It’s the beginning of August, do you know what that means?? It’s time to eat sweet corn!! Want to know the best way to enjoy sweet corn the rest of the year? FREEZE IT! This is a great way to get the whole family involved!

If you live in the midwest, and you get outside of the city, you probably see a ton of corn and soybeans in every field. The corn that is out in more the 99% of corn fields, is NOT the sweet corn that we enjoy to eat!! 

Field corn is harvested when the kernels are dry and in the “Physiological Maturity” or R6 stage of development. It is used for livestock feed, ethanol, in food products, manufactured goods, or it is exported to other countries. 

**Want to learn more about the uses for field corn?? Go to the website! It is FULL of information!

Sweet corn is harvested when the kernels are soft and in the “Milk” or R3 stage of development. It is planted on less than 1% of corn acres, and is used for human consumption. 

Are you ready to learn how we freeze sweet corn?!

Lets get started!

There are a lot of farmers who grow their own sweet corn, either in their garden or on the edge of one of their fields. BUT! There are plenty of people who grow it and sell it in town either at the grocery stores, or in the parking lot!

If you’re like me,  you’ve seen videos on the internet on how to shuck corn faster. We just stick with the tradition way: shucking by hand. 

Shucking corn means pulling off the outer green husk and the silks from the ear of corn!

The silks are the stringy part, and they are the worst part of freezing corn because they are the most stubborn part to remove! Some use soft bristled brushes!

Once the ears are cleaned, you are ready to start cutting the corn off of the cob!

Get out your paring knife (this knife stays sharp for a long time, and is super comfortable to hold!), cutting board (I love this cutting board!!), and bowls (These bowls are awesome to have! They are sturdy without being heavy!) to put the cut corn in!

**A big tip to help with getting the corn off the cob, cut off the tip of the corn so it’s a flat surface. This will make it easier to stand the corn up. By standing the corn up, you can cut from top to bottom and it’s easier to cut straight down onto the cutting board!

There are many gadgets that are out in the world to help cut the corn off the cob like this one, but I like to just stick with a sharp knife!

Once all your corn is cut off the corn, it is time to get it all cooked!

In a very large stockpot (this stockpot is great, I use it for waterbath canning as well!), add:

4 quarts of corn,

1 cup of sugar,

4 teaspoons of salt,

1 quart of water

Put the stockpot on the stovetop at a high heat. Let the mixture reach a boil. Once it has begun boiling, set your timer for 10 minutes and let it continue to boil for 10 minutes! You won’t need to stir constantly but make sure you stir occasionally to keep from sticking. 

Once it is done cooking, remove from the pot and put into other bowls to cool down completely.

Sometimes we have filled the sink with ice water and put the bowls of corn to float on top and stirred to cool down quicker. This is usually done when we have A TON of corn to cook and don’t have enough space to keep it all in the bowls.

Once the corn is cooled down, put into freezer safe ziplock baggies. When you close the baggies, make sure to get all the air out as well! In the past we have used straws to suck out the air… That can be a fun job because you can get a few pieces of corn through the straw! 

Then you are ready to put it in the freezer! When you would like to eat, all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave! 

ENJOY during all those cold winter days!!

Freezer Sweet Corn
Simple & easy freezer sweet corn recipe!
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  1. 4 quarts corn cut off the cob
  2. 1 cup sugar
  3. 4 teaspoons salt
  4. 1 quart water
  5. freezer safe ziplock baggies. I use quart sized, pint size works well too!
  1. Add all the ingredients into a large stockpot
  2. Bring to a boil
  3. Let boil for 10 minutes to cook corn, stirring occasionally
  4. Cool corn completely in another bowl
  5. Fill freezer safe ziplock bags with corn
  6. Freeze
  7. When you are ready to eat, thaw out in microwave!
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