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Dear Fellow Americans, Please Choose to be Filled with Hope

Dear Fellow Americans, Please choose to be filled with hope. 

I know I’m not the only one who was SO annoyed with political posts and ads before the election, and now that the election is OVER. Yes that’s right, the election is OVER, I know I was hoping to be free of negative posts and ads.
Unfortunately that’s not the case.
“Those uneducated racist bigots that voted for trump are ruining America!”
“Stupid idiots protesting need to go get a life!”

Let me back up a little.

About a month ago, I found a “Women in Agriculture” group with over 40,000 members on Facebook and started following it. Everyday I read posts that women have shared about many different topics, some seeking animal care advice, others sharing funny or odd occurrences on their farm. And I absolutely love it! Every post gets anywhere from 5 to 100 comments, and it’s so great to see such an amazing supportive group of women.

Now let’s fast forward to Wednesday when one woman posed a question,
“What 3 things do you think would help farming and farm families with our new national leader.” 
Now some answers were of course silly, “No more floods in Texas.” But most shared a common theme, 

“Reform Obamacare to make health insurance premiums more affordable”

Did you watch any media coverage on election night? Do you remember the media outlets freaking out about how they can’t believe how much they underestimated rural, uneducated America? 
They forgot that “rural and uneducated” Americans are the backbone of our country, they provide food, fiber, and fuel for the world. Rural Americans have been stomped over with unaffordable health insurance, low commodity prices, and thrown under the bus for our farming practices by people who have never farmed a day in their lives. 

Fun fact:

My husband AND his father both received a 4 year degree in animal science from an accredited 4 year university, they farm full time, and read more articles from newspapers, magazines, and online than anyone I know. When a problem arises, they research the best solution and use their experience to better their business. No, not every single farmer is educated, but many today have at least a two year degree if not more. 
My husband and I are in a very fortunate situation with our health insurance, at least for now. Eventually we will have a family and have to buy insurance for all of us, and with the way healthcare is setup, we will be spending a substantial amount of our income on our premium. 

Our scenario is very mild compared to some of the horror stories that I’ve read about. Many of the women in the agriculture group have shared about how their premiums have doubled, tripled or quadrupled the past year, and they simply do not make enough money to cover the cost. 



because everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and we do not all have the same background. Things that affect you, may not affect me, and vise versa. But you must understand where rural Americans are coming from when they voted against the Democratic Party. Is Donald Trump who I wanted to be president? No, I thought there were more qualified republican candidates, but we must handle what we are dealt, with grace.


I choose to be filled with hope.

Hope that members of the Democratic Party will take a deep breath, and understand that the world is not coming to an end because of our new president-elect. Hope that our new president-elect will make wise decisions to better our great nation. Hope that someday we will be able to afford our insurance premiums in the future. Hope that I can deal anything that I am given. 

We learn how to be respectful, kind-hearted, and right from wrong from our family and God, in our own home. Yes, our President sets an example for our nation, but we decide the example we set for our own families. 
Don’t like our nation’s new president-elect? Instead of protesting down dangerous interstates and freeways, decide to have hope for our nation and set a GOOD example in your own community. Write your congressman with your concerns, volunteer, join a new club, join your local church, start a new club called “ELE” Everyone Love Everyone, and do good deeds and random acts of kindness for other people. CHOOSE TO HAVE HOPE. Every single person is on this earth to serve a purpose, including you! Don’t let an ignorant persons words bring you down, choose to ignore them.
Donald Trump is our president-elect. That is a fact that cannot be changed (unless he gets impeached, which is not something I care to discuss). Please let’s move on with our lives, go about our daily routine, and choose to have faith and hope in our great nation. This is what we have been given to deal with, so let’s do it with grace. 
A hopeful farm wife

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A farmer's wife in southwest Iowa. I love to cook, eat, craft, and sometimes clean. We try to live a simple life on the farm, and enjoy everyday that we are blessed to live.

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