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Homemade Cherry Pie

Homemade Cherry Pie

We’re getting close to that time of year! All the trees are budding, and before you know it, it’ll be time to pick and pit cherries, and to bake that wonderful, fresh homemade cherry pie!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a heck of a time in the past finding a good recipe for a cherry pie filling that uses sour cherries that you hand picked!! 
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You said what? On the farm terminology


“Kathleen, go get the grain cart and take it to the south end of the North Farm, and bring back the wagon after you dump that load of corn at the bin.”

3 years ago I would have been totally lost, barely knowing which direction was south, let alone know which farm was the “North Farm.”

I would have said,

“Could you point out which one is the grain cart and which one is the wagon, oh and which way is south?”

Do you know what all of that farm lingo means? 
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